Led design for a sports-betting platform, creating every pixel of the MVP as well as the design system.


Design Lead


August 2019 β€” February 2020

Project Overview

Popodds hired me as a contractor to help them design and build out the MVP of their new sports betting platform, Abe. As someone who started out largely unfamiliar with the world of sports betting, I was forced to learn a lot and quickly in order to understand the competitive landscape, user behavior and existing expectations, as well as craft a design strategy to help us stand out in the market.

In the end, COVID-19 made sports betting a pretty difficult market to grow in and Abe was forced to pivot after I left. Unfortunately this means that the majority of my design work isn't currently public, however I am extremely proud of what we accomplished and how we innovated in this space.


Abe Experience

At its core, the design goal for Abe was to make it easier than ever for users to identify all of the possible odds for a given matchup at a given time, so that they can make an informed bet and get the most bang for their buck.

Ultimately, what I am most proud of is our work on the "bet hub" which drastically improves the experience for users to find the best odds.

Building a Design Language

Throughout my time at Abe I made sure to scale an atomic design system which served as the foundation for all of our features and components. By the end, we were cranking out features left and right because we had an established shared language between design and engineering.


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